Bai Hao (White Tip aka Eastern Beauty)

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Bai Hao (White Tip aka Eastern Beauty)

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Known since the early 20th century as Dongfang Meiren (or Eastern Beauty), this Taiwanese oolong is grown in a way that encourages the presence of one particular insect, the tea green leafhopper (Jacobiasca formasana), which feeds on the leaves, stems, and buds, sucking their phloem juices and causing the plant to produce chemical defenses that give the tea its unique flavor.

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Bai Hao oolong tea, with its multi-hued leaves reminiscent of fall foliage (dark purple, amber-brown, white buds), is one of the great autumnal teas. The name Bai Hao ("white tip") refers to these tender white buds, which are picked along with the top two leaves. Originating in Xinzhu County, an area of northern Taiwan known for its humidity and fog, the best grades of Bai Hao are harvested in June and July. Once harvested, the leaves of Bai Hao are processed to a greater degree of oxidation (around 50-60%) than many other Taiwanese oolongs. Also unlike many (but not all) other Taiwanese oolongs, dry Bai Hao leaves are twisted, not rolled, which allows one to truly enjoy the beautiful variety of colors in the dry leaf. The result of all of this is a tea with a bright reddish-orange liquor, a very smooth, sweet aroma and flavor, virtually no astringency, and a unique taste profile consisting of ripe peaches, honey, dried raisins, hay, and, not unlike the Darjeeling teas to which is it frequently compared, muscatel. This tea is a captivating balance of fruity and rich, and has a nice, round, creamy mouth feel.


Method 1 (Grandpa style): 4g or 2 heaping tbsp. tea, 10 oz. tall glass, 180° water, enjoy directly from cup in which tea is steeping, add more hot water as you wish (and definitely once you are down to about a quarter of the liquid).

Method 2 (Gong fu style): 4g or 2 heaping tbsp. tea, 6-8 oz. teapot or gaiwan, 180° water, 1 min. Steep 6-7 times, adding 15-30 seconds each time.

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