One of the great things about Rhode Island is that we take pride not only in our excellent restaurants and cafes, but also in our great gastronomic curiosity and adventurousness. People here want to try new things. They want "aha" moments.

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We love nothing more than seeing people have those "aha" moments around tea. It's so thrilling (and a very serious point of pride!) that we get to introduce these remarkable, rare, single origin, tiny batch teas to American tea drinkers, and that we get to do it here in Rhode Island.

If you own or manage a restaurant or cafe and are looking to elevate your tea program, we can help. We offer excellent wholesale pricing on all of our teas, menu consultation including pairings, and staff training. We will soon offer complete cafe and restaurant packages, including server-friendly, authentic tea wares and appropriate storage. If you would like to be our partner in this, please contact us at info@threemouthstea.com.