Three Mouths Tea is a Rhode Island-based tea company that cultivates knowledge, ritual, and community around tea, contributes to the preservation of ancestral tea production methods, and directly supports the autonomy and self-determination of small scale farmers. Our goal is to make traditionally handcrafted, 100% chemical-free, rare, unusual, and sacred/ancestral teas of the absolute highest quality available and accessible to all people.

The name Three Mouths is a play on the Chinese concept pin cha (品茶), which in the most casual sense simply means to sip tea. Cha (茶), as many people know, has evolved to become the English word tea, while pin (品) has been translated into English in many ways. It can mean a grade, quality, or class, an item, product, or commodity, the personality or character of a person or thing, or, as a verb, to taste or savor. Its graphic composition is simple: the radical kou (口), or mouth, repeated three times. When we drink tea, therefore, we do so with not one, but three mouths – the mouth itself as we know it, but also the nose and the eyes. Pin cha claims tea as a privileged moment for mindfully unifying these three mouths with the rest of our being as the steam and liquid pass through these gateways to be assimilated into the body and spirit. 

There is a vast universe of traditional, indigenous, sacred, and ancestral teas and tea making practices to which American consumers have yet to be introduced. Many of our teas have been completely unavailable outside of their zones of production until recently. We work hard to break down these barriers by building relationships with tea makers and sellers, ones built on humor, mutual respect, lots of shared cups of tea in actual or virtual space, and, as in any real relationship, some moments of fun ease, and some of fun awkwardness. We try to know the people who make our products. We buy from them directly. And while there are several forms of disequilibria we cannot overcome as a small, independent operation, we reject and refuse the exploitative corporate system (itself the legacy of colonialism) and work to give our independent farmers access to vast new markets.

We also only choose products that deliver the life force and organoleptic qualities of the Camellia sinensis plant in the purest, most complete and intact possible way. This way our customers can receive the highest possible benefit from this remarkable plant for all the senses, as well as for physical and spiritual well-being. 

We are available for retail and wholesale, tea subscriptions, curated gifts, workshops, guided tastings, special events, and restaurant and cafe consultation.