Dark Shan Lin Xi

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Dark Shan Lin Xi

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An experimental, high elevation dark oolong from the famed Shan Lin Xi that has elements of both green and dark oolongs.

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This experimental dark oolong comes from a small family farm at high elevation on the famed tea mountain Shan Lin Xi. What is unique about this tea is that it derives from a cultivar (Qing Xin Wulong), a mountain and elevation, and even growing methods that are generally used to make greener, less oxidized oolongs but that here are all directed towards a dark, heavily oxidized, roasted tea that is reminiscent of Wuyi oolongs from Fujian and even some red teas. Not surprisingly, this dark Shan Li Xin's aroma and taste profile reflect this hybrid identity. This is a delightfully rich tea with some deep, soothing notes of cooked apricot, butter, tobacco, and spice. But what's so special about it is that it still has the finesse and subtlety of greener high mountain oolongs along with some hints of their typical flavors (gardenia, plum, orchid, etc.).     


Method 1 (Grandpa style): 4g or 1 heaping tbsp. tea, 10 oz. tall glass, 200° water, enjoy directly from cup in which tea is steeping, add more hot water as you wish (and definitely once you are down to about a quarter of the liquid).

Method 2 (Gong fu style): 4g or 1 heaping tbsp. tea, 6-8 oz. teapot or gaiwan, 200° water, 1 min. 30 sec. Steep 4-5 times, adding 15-30 seconds each time.

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